Yoga Improves Your Physical Fitness And Mental Sharpness!

Fitness classes designed explicitly for people who wish to achieve total body fitness without getting bored. Yoga is becoming a more common and popular workout activity because all its moves are unique. It takes your body to the extreme high of fitness without putting you under mental and physical stress. With every class, you get fitter and better.
  • Promoting flexibility and agility
  • Stabilize your core and develop lean muscles
  • Providing mental clarity and a much-needed breather

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Experience fitness through fun in our Yoga classes

Our highly experienced Yoga instructors help you burn more calories while adding fun techniques to your routines. Yoga is known as one of the best workouts around by men and women across the country because it’s a fun and challenging workout that helps you stay fit and in great shape!

Yoga Helps Prevent Injuries!

Many athletes have started incorporating sports-specific yoga poses and stretches into their regular workout routines to counteract the muscular imbalances that occur during practise/play. Poses such as 'downward dog' are great for decompressing the spine and are perfect for counteracting the effects of constant running and jumping in sports such as basketball. Hockey players and golfers benefit from the increased core strength and flexibility that yoga gives them; cutting down on low-back and hip injuries caused by repetitive swinging movements.

Yoga is practised barefoot and strengthens all the muscles that support walking/running as well as protects the ankle from injuries such as strains and sprains. There are around 20 different muscles within the foot that supports movement, balance and the weight of your entire body. These muscles often become underdeveloped from being crammed into tight athletic footwear day after day. Any contact-sports can attest to the benefit of balance and being able to stay upright within their respective sport. Increased foot/ankle strength not only reduces falls/hit, but reduces the amount of lower body injuries that occur as well.